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Our Business Plan

Our Business Plan.

Marketing Plan

Joining Product Package Amount

  • Product Packag=100 Rs.(5 Soap +10 BV)

Matching Bonus Income :

20% of your both leg side matching
1:1 matching

Leadership income 20%

On each matching bonus of your direct referral you will get 20% of each payout.
There is no capping for leadership income.
More direct referral More direct income.

Package Capping Info :

Package Amount Daily Capping
100 5000

Repurchase income:

You can buy good morning to good night product from our company.

Self Repurchase Income 20% on every purchase of product on self id

Payout Cycle:

Every Friday closing and Monday payout.
Tds 5% Admin charges 5% deduction.

Reward Income:

Left Right Reward Award
1,00,000 1,00,000 Mobile
Next 3,00,000 3,00,000 Laptop
Next 5,00,000 5,00,000 Activa
Next 15,00,000 15,00,000 Bullet
Next 40,00,000 40,00,000 Maruti Swift Desire
Next 1,00,00,000 1,00,00,000 10 Lakh Cash